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Cannabinoids could prevent migraine, study finds

Researchers have found that a combination of THC and CBD - two of marijuana's active compounds - is as effective as existing drugs for...

At-risk chronic pain patients taper opioids successfully with psychological tools

Psychological support and new coping skills are helping patients at high risk of developing chronic pain and long-term, high-dose opioid use taper their opioids.

After lung surgery: Innovative method for filling, sealing pleural cavities

Researchers have developed a new method for filling and sealing pleural cavities. The process consists of injecting polyurethane foams into the lungs with a...

New Clinical Trials - Chronic Pain (last 14 days)

Oral Sedation During Cervical Dilator Placement2017/06/27
Methylene Blue Injection for Nonneoplastic Epithelial Disorders of Vulva2017/06/25
Dexamethasone, Flurbiprofen Axetil and Delirium After Lung Cancer Surgery2017/06/25
Fentanyl 12 Mcg Transdermal Patch For Postoperative Pain2017/06/23
Acupressure for Fatigue in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus2017/06/23
iCanCope With Sickle Cell Pain2017/06/23
Is Localized Provoked Vulvodynia Caused by Laxity of the Utero-Sacral Ligaments?2017/06/22
Postoperative Discomfort After Dental General Anesthesia2017/06/22
Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes in Measuring Health-Related Quality of Life in Patients With Stage I-IV Prostate Cancer Undergoing Treatment2017/06/22
Effect of Bilateral Quadratus Lumborum Block for Pain Relief in Patients With Cesarean Section2017/06/22
A Randomized, Double Blind, Prospective Trial to Investigate Atteris Antimicrobial Products on Chronic Wound Healing.2017/06/22
Preoperative Education With Illustrations Enhances Effect of Tetracaine Mucilage in Alleviating Postoperative CRBD2017/06/22
BioWick SureLock Clinical Outcomes Study2017/06/22
The Effect of Epidural Analgesia on Intracranial Pressure by Measuring the Optic Nerve Sheath Diameter Using Ultrasound in Pediatric Patients With Cerebral Palsy2017/06/22
Efficacy of a Multimodal Physical Activity Intervention in Patients With Chronic Nonspecific Low Back Pain2017/06/22
Prospective Randomized Trial of Moderate vs Deep Neuromuscular Blockade During Laparoscopic Ventral Hernia Repair2017/06/22
Critical Treatment of Coronary Artery Disease2017/06/21
A Mobile Application for Post-op Analgesic Consumption2017/06/21
The Effect of Controlled Feedback on the Rehabilitation of Individuals With Disability Due to Stiff Shoulder Following Trauma2017/06/21
Trial Evaluating multimOdal toPical Cream In CompArison to pLacebo (TOPICAL)2017/06/21
Use of Platelet Rich Fibrin in Addition to CAF and SCTG for Treatment of Gingival Recession2017/06/21
A Study to Evaluate the Clinical Performance and Safety of an Intra-articular Hyaluronic Acid in Knee Osteoarthritis2017/06/21
Comparison of Preoperative Ultrasound Guided Pectoralis Nerve Block Placement Versus Intra-operative Placement: A Prospective Randomized Trial2017/06/21
Clinical Subgroups in Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome2017/06/21
Validity of Transcutaneous Bilirubin Monitoring in Preterm Infants2017/06/20
Evaluation of Transconjunctival Approach in Management of Orbital Tumors2017/06/20
Effectiveness of Two Exercise Protocols in the Treatment of Patients With Patellar Tendinopathy2017/06/20
The Effect of Liposomal Bupivacaine on Post Operative Pain and Narcotic Use After Bariatric Surgery2017/06/20
Novel PET/CT and Treatment Strategies to Reduce PTS Following DVT2017/06/20
Guided Meditation as an Adjunct to Enhance Postoperative Recovery2017/06/20
Short Course Radiation Therapy in Palliative Treatment2017/06/20
Impact of Perioperative Shedding of the Endothelial Glycocalyx on the Incidence of Postoperative Acute Kidney Injury in Patients Undergoing Valvular Heart Surgery.2017/06/20
Ultrasound Guided Transversus Abdominis Plane(TAP) Block in Intensive Care Unit2017/06/20
Physiotherapy and Therapeutic Education After Total Knee Arthroplasty.2017/06/20
The Effect of Popliteal Plexus Block on Pain After Total Knee Arthroplasty2017/06/20
Observing the Effect of Fascial Manipulation in Athletes With Shin Splits.Tibial Stress Syndrome.2017/06/20
Effect of Different Exercises on Musculoskeletal Pain,Glucose Level and Quality of Life Among Patients With Diabetes2017/06/20
Er,Cr:YSGG Laser For Recipient Bed Bio-modification And Connective Tissue Harvesting in Treatment of Gingival Recession2017/06/20
DSJ-2016-07 ATTUNE® Cementless CR RP Japan2017/06/19
Open Label Study of BOTOX® (Botulinum Toxin Type A) as Headache Prophylaxis in Chinese Patients With Chronic Migraine2017/06/19
BOTOX® (Botulinum Toxin Type A) as Headache Prophylaxis in Chinese Participants With Chronic Migraine2017/06/19
Usefulness of a Visual Analogue Scale to Evaluate Anxiety in the Painful Hospitalized Patient2017/06/19
Study of LLG783 in Patients With Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) and Intermittent Claudication2017/06/19
Study to Evaluate EB-001 in Reducing Musculoskeletal Pain2017/06/19
The Effect of LBM Evaluated by US on REE Measured by Indirect Calorimetry2017/06/19
Ultrasound Guided Local Anesthetic Field Block (A Five Step Procedure) for Open Inguinal Hernia Repair2017/06/19
An Multicentre Clinical Study to Evaluate the Usability and Safety of the Autoinjector and Pre-filled Syringe of SB4 in Subjects With Rheumatoid Arthritis2017/06/19
Water Intake Associated With Aerobic Exercise in Coronary2017/06/19
IV Acetaminophen for Post-Operative Pain Management in Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) Population2017/06/19
USG Thoracolumbar Interfascial Plane (TLIP) in Lumbar Spine Surgeries2017/06/19

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Vast Majority of Pain Patients Prefer Cannabis to Opioids, Study Finds

A newly released survey of nearly 3,000 medical cannabis patients found that nearly all respondents said they could reduce their opioid consumption ...

Tools to identify, rescue victims of opioid overdoses outlined in book

She said so many people depend pain medicine and opioids are being ... while others suffering from chronic pain become addicted to painkillers.

Green council says no to medical pot sales and cultivation in the city

Councilman “Skip” Summerville, who said he could potentially be a candidate for medical marijuana because of chronic arthritic pain, said: “It doesn't ...

Long-term opioids for chronic pain: alcohol abuse/dependence carries a high toll

In the year after long-term opioid medication use, patients with chronic pain and a history of alcohol abuse or dependence (AAD) are 5 times...

Study shows Michigan has largest opioid decrease in workers compensation

The amended rules began in 2014 and prevented reimbursements for opioid treatment beyond 90 days for non-cancer related chronic pain, unless ...