Highlights From the 2017 Annual Meeting of the American Pain Society: Part 1

News Editor’s note: The following is Part 1 of a two-part series of selected presentations from the 36th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American...

Papers: 17 Jun 2017 – 23 Jun 2017

Papers of the Week

A New Brain Measure of Nociception in Infants

News Unlike adults, infants can’t tell you if they’re in pain.

Papers: 10 Jun 2017 – 16 Jun 2017

Papers of the Week

Papers: 3 Jun 2017 – 9 Jun 2017

Papers of the Week

The Mysterious Link Between Migraine Aura and Headache

News For decades, researchers have wondered if migraine attacks are somehow tied to the blood-brain barrier.

Papers: 27 May 2017 – 2 Jun 2017

Papers of the Week

To (Not) Sleep, Perchance to Feel More Pain?

News Sleep. Everyone needs it, but not everyone gets it—at least not enough of it. Now, new animal research builds the case that a...

Papers: 20 May 2017 – 26 May 2017

Papers of the Week

Webinar: Chronic Pelvic Pain

PRF will host a webinar with Julie Christianson, University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, US, on Tuesday, June 6, from 12-1:30 p.m. EDT/5-6:30...