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10 Technologies Of The Future That Will Be Revolutionary

The future of technology is born of the brightest ideas that work day and night on revolutionary projects aimed at making human life more comfortable. And that’s knowing the areas that will have the most impact in the future, especially if you are an entrepreneur, is important to keep up.

Every large company, regardless of the purpose for which it is committed, invests in the technologies of the future.

We do not know if all these wonderful technologies will be truly transcendent. However, there are those who will undoubtedly have a profound effect on a person’s life and promise to have even greater prestige in the future.

Developing technological trends in the world Artificial intelligence

This technology began to develop more than 70 years ago, based on the creation of robotic systems that can make decisions in the same way as humans.

The first scientists who wanted to make the technology that many science fiction novels talked about a reality were dedicated to the workings of the human brain. The goal was to build the computers that work from home software like the neural networks in the brain.

More than 7 decades later, computers still do not fully replicate the functions of the human brain, but enough progress has been made for large companies to transfer functions to machines.

Many of the richest companies in the world spend millions to develop artificial intelligence – the owners of small companies specializing in artificial intelligence.

“Google has started hiring artificial intelligence professionals to develop its own algorithms, making progress ahead of any other large company.” This allowed Google to be a leader in advancing this technology

The $ 500 million acquisition of DeepMind Technologies in 2014 was Google’s most productive acquisition. The DeepMind project is really ambitious, combined with Google resources, it promises to shake the world in a short time.

In turn, Microsoft bought Swiftkey for 250 million, which makes them proud of the best mobile keyboard ever created. This purchase was heavily criticized because it was considered a huge investment for a simple keyboard. What many overlook is that in order to predict the words that people want to write, this company has deeply studied people’s writing habits, mixing them with artificial intelligence.

Apple, on the other hand, bought Turi for $ 200 million, a company dedicated to improving learning through artificial intelligence. It bought Emotient, which is responsible for the technology that coordinates the recognition of people’s emotions.

Apple’s most recent acquisition was Perception 2015, another company dedicated to researching people to create machines that best respond to their attitude. Apple is doing its best to conquer the market with products that can be adapted to understand their owners.

Virtual reality:

This technology may have been on the market for many years. Many companies (such as mental health companies) have the tools and knowledge to assemble virtual reality equipment, but they have long sought to reduce costs and extend their usefulness.

At first, it was hard to imagine that a virtual reality device had any function other than entertainment. To date, virtual reality has gone beyond the development of entertainment devices.

  • It can improve the relationships of people who are spatially divided.
  • It can be useful for shopping to give customers a deeper insight into what they want to buy.
  • It can be used to overcome phobias and other anxiety disorders.
  • Facebook outperformed other competitors in the industry by investing in the acquisition of Oculus a few years ago, which allowed it to develop the Rift virtual reality device.

Rift hit the market in early 2016 և its biggest competitor will be the PlayStation VR, which SONY will launch later this year.

Oculus has the vast advantage of having an alliance with Microsoft և Facebook and Samsung so that its device can be used on the platforms of these brands.


Blockchain technology or blockchain allows what is known as “money internet” և is behind one of the topics that was talked about the most in 2018. cryptocurrencies: bitcoin.

However, Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency that exists today; There are already over 1000 cryptocurrencies that can be a good time to invest.

A blockchain is a non-corrupt digital transaction log that can be programmed to record not only financial transactions but virtually anything of value.

The information contained in the blockchain exists as a common database and is constantly reconciled. The Blockchain database is not stored in one place, which means that the records it holds are really public և easily verifiable.


This technology involves the creation and operation of materials that measure from 1 to 100 nanometers. That is, substances that are close to the size of molecules are impossible to see with the human eye.

With this technology, it is desirable to reach the smallest distances that people can not reach with other technologies. Today, billions of dollars have been invested in nanotechnology research. The goal is to use it to produce energy, to create materials, to develop weapons, especially in medicine.

The countries that have made the most investments in the development, research, and study of this technology (it is the most difficult to study in engineering) are the United States, Japan, and some EU countries.

Of all the countries that have invested in this technology, almost $ 10 billion has been spent. But what is more improbable? This amount is almost doubled by more than 2000 companies that want to have the best of this technology.

It is a matter of time before nanorobots are used to treat diseases that are still incurable.


Biotechnology is often used to fight disease, reduce the human footprint on the environment, improve food production, and take advantage of non-polluting energy. There are currently more than 250 drugs developed using biotechnology.

Gilead Science is the most valuable company that creates products using biotechnology, it is estimated at more than $ 150 billion. Undoubtedly, his greatest success was in creating a drug to fight hepatitis C.

In biotechnology, there are companies such as Amgen (AMGN), whose main product is the anti-inflammatory Embrel և CELG, which has grown significantly due to its drug against colon ulcers.


This is an engineering discipline that combines mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computing engineering. The purpose of this technology is to create automated machines that work under human control to perform human-like actions or actions that humans cannot.

Robotics is growing steadily; it is used both in military areas and for household chores, production operations; some simple operations that can be performed automatically without the need for reasoning.

The most valuable robotics company is Irobot, valued at more than $ 500 million. They are the creators of Roomba և diversity of military technology.

Not far from this company is the Google robot collector, which is priced the same as Irobot.

This assembly line has reached this value thanks to other small robotics companies such as Boston Dynamics և Sschaft, which are currently working on upgrading the car so that they do not need a driver.

Many other companies are working on robotics upgrades, but these two have the most ambitious project budgets.

Synthetic biology:

Synthetic biology combines several subjects: genetics, molecular biology, molecular engineering, biophysics. Its purpose is to create artificial organisms that can perform beneficial functions for humans.

Perhaps the most well-known company focused on this technology is Intrexon, although there are also Gevo, Amyris or Bioamber.

It is estimated that in 2014-2020, almost $ 40 trillion will be invested in the research and development of synthetic biology products, and that this technology will be approved on the market by 2020.


Sensors make human life easier every year. The function of these devices is to detect changes in physical or chemical quantities. These quantities can be: Light intensity, temperature, distance, acceleration, pressure, torsional force, humidity, motion, PH և etc.

Sensors have forced people to stop wasting time monitoring, they are just beginning to be aware of the emission signals of these devices, they are used in medicine, in various fields of engineering, to improve human control, safety and health.

Many companies are now trying to bring as many functional sensors as possible to the market. Infrared sensors that allow non-invasive medical procedures, sensors that turn cars և industrial machines into truly reliable devices.


Drones are unmanned aircraft that are flown remotely. These devices are usually equipped with a camera, used as entertainment, to prepare reports, as a surveillance tool, to study the places where people are most at risk, to carry military missiles of different armed forces.

There are many brands that develop devices in different models and sizes. Since 2010, the French company Parrot has monopolized the sale of unmanned aerial vehicles thanks to its ARdrone model. But in early 2016, Chinese company DJI moved Parrot to second place in sales of these devices.

Since the launch of the Phantom 3 Cadocopter, DJI has increased its value by 500% to $ 10 billion. Both companies are currently working on launching the best drone in 2017. Parrot wants to regain its place in the market, and DJI wants to keep it.

The technologies that 10 or 20 years ago seemed far away in books and movies are now a fact. In addition, the companies that use them և the companies competing to outperform their competition, to bring the best possible products to market. The present seems promising, what will the future hold?

Quantum calculation:

Quantum computation calculates using quantum mechanical phenomena such as preference and entanglement. Quantum computers are different from transistor-based binary digital computers.

Although general numerical computation requires data to be encoded in binary digits (bits), each of which is always in one of two defined states (0 or 1), quantum computation uses quantum bits that can be preferred. States:

Quantum computing uses cubits represented by atoms to encode data in a number of states to solve a problem, while “classical” computers do this with binary bits represented by zeros.

What other technologies do you think will affect the future?



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