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3 ways to listen to youtube music when off screen on android

For listening to music on the phone, many people are no strangers, in which, everyone wants to listen to youtube music and the screen is turned off. Songs on youtube sometimes still have ads or annoy you when the screen cannot turn off. Today I will guide you 3 ways to listen to music on Youtube when turning off the screen on the Android platform that is used the most in the present time.

1- Use Chrome, Firefox

With this method, when users access youtube by google chrome or firefox, in the video viewer, you will click on the 3 dots above the toolbar in the upper right corner. Select the site request section for the computer. Then the computer interface will appear on your phone. Users just need to return to the main screen and choose to drag from top to bottom and press play to continue watching videos on the website.

In addition users also need to set the chrome to show screen notifications when needed. The steps are to select settings, then select apps, chrome, then select Notifications and check the Display on lock screen option. The effect is when blue appears.

2- Use Youtube Red

Another effective method that many people use is the Youtube Red music player application . It also makes an application that you can download completely for free to your mobile device from . First thing you need to do is download the app and install it on your friend’s mobile. Then the user will launch the app and find the video you want to listen to on the app and then turn on the video.

Once completed you can turn off the phone screen but the music on youtube is still playing as usual, without stopping as before. This is also a top effective application used by many people, both convenient, quick and not too complicated.

3- Use Picture on Picture

This is a feature mostly available from Android 8.0. This feature helps you listen to music quickly on youtube when using. Just select the music video you want to listen to, the feature will create a thumbnail window for the user at the bottom of the screen for you to customize. This is also a fairly new feature, currently a number of new mobile phones with large screens have been updated and will gradually become popular in the near future.

4- Conclusion

The above are ways of listening to music that you can quickly apply to your mobile phone. Hopefully these methods will work as well as help you comfortably listen to music without worrying about the screen always on. Wishing you to experience more new things when using apk checker applications.




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